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When Does an Underbite Need Surgery?

When does an underbite need surgery? The short answer is: when Dr. Danny Weiss and our team recommend surgery as the best way to give you a healthy, functional bite. But let’s take a longer look, and see just why your doctors might come to that conclusion. First, what exactly is an underbite? In a perfect bite, the upper and lower jaws align, well, perfectly. Upper teeth overlap lower teeth very slightly, upper and lower teeth meet comfortably, and jawbones and joints functi...

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Posted by Brenton Glassell at 28 July 2021

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

You’re going to the game! And no matter which sport you follow, there’s so much to enjoy—the best athletes, exciting play, hometown pride—and those delicious concession stands! But if you’re wearing braces, your team spirit might be flagging. Here are a few ideas to help keep your food choices out of foul territory. You know that you should avoid the foods that can damage braces or stick around your wires and brackets. This means any snacks that are sticky, chew...

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Posted by Brenton Glassell at 07 July 2021